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Alison – 'xtglx'
Hi, I'm Alison, and I was so thrilled and very honoured to be asked to join the extremely talented Cheery Lynn Dies Design Team!   Its a wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing designers and products, I feel so lucky.  Now, I have never been bored in my life ever! From a very early age I was always 'up to something crafty', sewing clothes for my dolls, drawing, painting, knitting, tapestry, making jewellery and learning to make anything for myself that I could.  I got into card-making about 9 years ago, and like to try lots of different styles.  I think essentially I am quite girly and feminine and very much a 'more is more' kind of gal. I love making my own flowers, adding stitching on my cards and my absolute favourite is playing about with dies. I can spend hours on one project, as its not about a race to the finish, its about how you get there and what you learn along the way for me.  I love visiting other crafters blogs as they are an unlimited source of inspiration and beauty.  

 Debbie Brownmiller
" I am Debbie Brownmiller from beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I have a wonderful husband, three children and nine grandchildren. I enjoy camping, ATVing and sledding with family and friends and generally spending time together. I have been a crafter for many years enjoying all kinds of crafts. I started scrapbooking, stamping and card making in 2005.   I also enjoy   photography which comes in handy when I am scrapbooking and card making.  I really enjoy the paper crafts   I am doing now as I always   learn something with each new creation I make.  I am really addicted to the Cheery Lynn Designs so it was a great feeling   to get a invite to be part of the Design Team and to have an opportunity to work such talented designers as well as such awesome product. . I hope I can inspire others as so many others have inspired me along the way."

Donna Smith
"I've been crafting for 4½ years, I started off scrapbooking, using my dog as my subject and then moved onto cardmaking and  decoupage as most people do, and eventually got into stamping. I am quite the collector of rubber stamps, papers, dies, punches ....basically anything craft related. I also design papers for crafting, and have been doing that for 4½ years as well. My style of cardmaking is similar to scrapbooking, in that I love to fill the front with lots to look at, as in flowers, ribbon, embellishments,  you name it, I love to stick it on the front of my card. I don't do clean and simple very well, as the card looks bare to me. I've been using Cheery Lynn dies since I first discovered them in the spring, and I love all the intricate details that are on the dies, and I love adding one or more to my cards. I'm originally from Canada and moved to England back in the summer of 1999.......and I still miss the hot summers of Saskatchewan. I'm married to a wonderful understanding man, who lets me indulge in this expensive hobby of mine, and will often come up with ideas for me, and if it requires measuring weird angles, etc........he's the one to help me out. We have four wonderful grandchildren and a super intelligent Jack Russell named Kody."

Gini Cagle
I have always loved everything vintage - and that has really influenced my work. Even as a little girl, I collected beaded purses and antique clothes, and had boxes of old photos and ephemera. And yeah, this was all by the time I was 9 years old. So I guess I was that quirky kid that everyone just kind of thought marched to her own drum.  That early sense of style lead to someone who has a passion to create, who is confident in her own designs,  but who also appreciates the historic influences of the past. I have been crafting all of my life, in one form or another. I was a very successful bead artist. I had my work published in over a dozen books and magazines, and lectured and taught all over the country, beaded pieces took 500-1000 hours to complete. About 10 years ago, I started scrapbooking, when my first nephew was born. I instantly fell in love with the immediacy of the medium (compared to the crazy hours I spent beading!) In the past several years, I have really gotten serious with the craft and love finding new ways to take my pieces to the next level.  It's really funny to look at any of my work, from bead work to paper and to be able to see the same style emerge, regardless of the medium.  I have always loved dimension, and color and layers.  Paper crafting is really a family thing for me. My sister and I used to get together once a week to craft, but now she has moved right next door, so it's one big paper party! I can't leave out that my five year old nephew thinks it's really cool to scrapbook with his aunt and mommy! My husband doesn't ever craft with me, but he is my biggest cheerleader, and is always supportive of what I do. We have been married for a little over two years. We have a fairytale romance - we knew each other in high school and were friends, but went over 20 years without any contact, and reconnected on Facebook and quickly knew we were meant to be together. I work as a dental hygienist, so creating with paper is always a welcomed release!  I absolutely love Cheery Lynn Designs - they have such an elegant style, and cut even the most intricate dies beautifully. I am thrilled to be able to share some of my creations that I've made  with them. 

Joann Jamieson
Hi everyone, my name is Joann and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada.  I am married and have one son who is in The Royal Canadian Navy and is currently stationed in Victoria, British Columbia.  I am also lucky to have a very supportive husband who understands and supports my passion for anything paper and glue!  In addition, we have a cat named Squeaker who tends to drink water with her paw and insists on having fresh ice water!  I think she is a little spoiled...  She also has a weakness for ice cream but that is another story.  I work full-time but when I am not at my day job you can find me in my craft room.  As much as I enjoy card marking, I must admit that my "obsession" is with dimensional projects.  I like to think “outside the box”.  I also have a big weakness for paper.  Every time I go into a store I see more paper that I do not have and I am running out of room to store everything.  I have already converted one room in my house into my scrapbooking studio and am now eying the next room.  I am so thrilled and excited to be a joining the talented ladies on the Cheery Lynn Design Team.  

 Lori Williams

Hi, I’m Lori Williams and I am a happy, fun loving, Southern girl who lives in the Western North Carolina mountains. I have been a huge fan of Cheery Lynn Dies for some time.  I have two beautiful little boys who keep me running as they are 7 and 12 and full of energy. Cole is my youngest and it’s hard to hold him down. Will is my oldest son and is disabled. Getting out of the house with him is a bit more challenging so I’m blessed to be able to share with the world my art, yet be at home with him. I live right next door to my best friend and sister who also serves on Cheery Lynn’s Design Team (Gini).  Let me tell you we are a dangerous pair at a scrapbook expo, each enabling the other. As you can tell my family is really my world and I love to be with them. I’ve always participated in art in one form or the other, starting with pottery, then receiving a college degree in Jewelry/ Metal Production crafts and finally into paper with the birth of my oldest son. Art is my form of therapy and my addiction and I love to try new techniques. Don’t be surprised if you see me trying to sneak some metal into my pieces.  I would describe my work as detailed, yet clean.  I’m so blessed to be on this team and look forward to sharing my creations with you.

Sheila Lygo
Hi everyone, here are a few facts about me.. My name is Sheila AKA Doubtfiresmusing  and I'm a craftaholic. My particular downfall  is dies! especially Cheery Lynn dies.  I live in a small market town called March here in the UK, alongside John, my long suffering husband of 36 years. We have two grown up daughters who in turn have given us four adorable grandsons & one beautiful grand daughter.  I've been a crafter for many years now; tried my hand at most crafts but my favourite by far is stamping & colouring with my beloved Copic markers. I feel so honoured to be asked to be a designer for Cheery Lynn Design.

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